Model AK-EH02(Standard configuration15kw/30kwh) AK-EH03(Standard configuration30kw/60kwh)
Module 51.2V100AH
Battery Type L-ion(LFP)
Battery capacity 100Ah
Storage 30.72KWh 61.44KWh
Cycle lfe >4000@80%D0D@25°C
Standard Voltage 307.2V 614.4V
Charge/discharge current 50AV50A 100/100A
Communication RS485/CAN
Maximum input voltage 1000Vdc
MPPT yoltage range 180-900VDC 180-900/630VDC
Maximum input power 19500W 45000W
Starting voltage 120V 180V
Maximum input current (A) 12.5/23 36/36/36
MPPT quantit 2 3
Maximum AC power 15000VA 30000VA
Standard AC power 15000VA 30000VA
Rated AC output 380V/400V,3LN/PE
Voltage output range 380V/400V,3LN/PEVac
Standard grid frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Maximum charge and discharge current 22/22A 45/45A
Power factor ~1 (0.8leading-0.8tagging Can be set)
Total harmonic distortion <3%
Grid type 3WIN/PE
Protection leve IP54
Cool dowm Air cooling
Communication WIFI4GILAN/CAN/RS485
Ambient temperature -25°C~+60℃(>45°C Derating)
Relative humidity 0-90%%(non-condensing
size(mm) 800x800x1282 800x800x1600
Weight(kG) 452+12 689+24
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