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    R & D Team Independently

    The company hires domestic experts for guidance and communication to improve the efficiency and progress of product development. and continue to maintain the international leading level of enterprise products



    The project products are planned to be carried out by independent production. With the maturity of technology and the expansion of market scale, in order to save costs, OEM processing is adopted for production.


    Professional Team

    the world’s mainstream information platforms (google, baidu, facebook, Alibaba, Twitter, youtube, etc.) will publish our company’s product information, and insist on promoting the globalization of the company’s brand. Has established a certain brand influence in the international peers.



    The company now has its own import and export rights, products are exported to more than 80 countries around the world, global cooperation agents 700 (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Denmark, Sudan, Qatar, Israel, etc.).

    Our Advantage

    1. AOKo technical team independently developed a lithium battery pack liquid cooling system. Through the application of the liquid cooling system, not only the performance of the system is guaranteed, but also the safety of the system is guaranteed.
    2. Independently develop a deep circulation system. The system achieves a cycle life of 6000 times through the selection of more consistent cells and better charging and discharging strategies, which can basically meet the customer’s 15-20 years of use.
    3. Independent development of mixed energy systems. Customize the best power supply solution for customers.
    4. Plan to independently develop OKO BMS system, and train a group of engineers proficient in bms algorithm and control strategy.
    5. We plan to independently develop MCU energy storage battery management system based on canopen communication. Consider hardware design, communication protocols, battery monitoring and protection, data storage and processing, control strategy, and security design.
    6. Plans to independently develop an energy storage battery management system based on RTU. As a remote Internet of Things technology, RTU has the functions of data acquisition, remote control, data processing, multi-port communication and data storage.
    7. To independently develop a secondary data transmission battery management system. A system for direct data transmission over Ethernet.
    8. Plans to independently develop intelligent light-following solar energy system. Using solar power generation, it has the function of automatically tracking the sun’s rays.

    Frequently Asked Question

    A1: Yes, GRADE A + quality. the QR code is intact, Brand new. such as CATL,EVE, BYD.

    A2: We have product manuals and installation guidance videos, and we can also help you contact your local installation service provider. Please let me know your address.

    A3: We will test all the battery Voltage and Internal resistance before shipping.

    A4: Pack with strong package, each cell into thickness PE foam or bag, then into 5 layers strong carton.

    A5: Usually we accept alibaba trade assurance order online. For the RTS(ready for ship) product if there is clear shipping cost or free shipping to your country you can place order and pay directly after reading for all the details,or you can provide your
    shipping informtion to our sales they will creat online order for you.

    A6: You can chat our sales online or send inquiry email,we will respond you ASAP.

    A7: you can chat our sales online or send inquiry.We will immediately respond to your request. We have two product catalogs with two themes: household solar systems and outdoor energy storage systems. Please note the required product catalogs with us

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      * Send us your question, we will respond in the next 24 Hours