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    Focusing on industrial and commercial smart energy storage power stations

    AOKE EPOWER delivers results.

    AOKE EPOWER is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, sales, and service of new energy battery pack products such as lithium batteries, energy storage systems, and power systems. The core team has over 20 years of experience in the lithium industry.

    The company strives to build advanced technological capabilities, systematic automated production processes, and a comprehensive quality management system, and is committed to becoming an excellent global provider of new energy battery storage system solutions.

    Our Products

    AOKE EPOWER New Energy is a technology enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, sales, and service of new energy battery pack products such as lithium batteries, energy storage systems, and power systems

    AOKE EPOWER is serving underserved markets that require integrated battery solutions

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    Innovation leads the future


    R & D Team Independently

    The company hires domestic experts for guidance and communication to improve the efficiency and progress of product development. and continue to maintain the international leading level of enterprise products



    The project products are planned to be carried out by independent production. With the maturity of technology and the expansion of market scale, in order to save costs, OEM processing is adopted for production.


    Professional Team

    the world’s mainstream information platforms (google, baidu, facebook, Alibaba, Twitter, youtube, etc.) will publish our company’s product information, and insist on promoting the globalization of the company’s brand. Has established a certain brand influence in the international peers.



    The company now has its own import and export rights, products are exported to more than 80 countries around the world, global cooperation agents 700 (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Denmark, Sudan, Qatar, Israel, etc.).

    Independent development of mixed energy systems

    The design and development of off-grid optical storage power station is also the advantage of Aoke company. Some remote areas at home and abroad, such as farms and islands need some products that can provide stable power supply. In some areas with insufficient light, in addition to fully optimizing system design and cost, the hybrid energy system developed by us (diesel generator 10%+ light storage 90%) is adopted to make it a more stable power supply system, which can realize uninterrupted power supply. The proportion of petrochemical energy supply is controlled within 10%. That is, OKo company can customize the best power supply scheme for customers according to local conditions.

    Lithium Battery Pack Liquid Cooling System

    OKo technical team independently developed a lithium battery pack liquid cooling system. The system for the main working parts of the cold and hot intelligent system control, successfully achieve the battery pack temperature difference is less than 1 ° C [2->1 ° C]. while the required liquid flow decreased by 50%, due to the lithium battery temperature environment requirements are more stringent, undercooling and overheating areas will have a greater impact on battery performance. Through the use of this liquid cooling system, the lithium energy storage system can be applied to different environments in more regions. It not only ensures the performance of the system, but also ensures the safety of the system.

    FutureIndependently Develop a Deep Circulation System

    Lithium energy storage systems are different from automotive power batteries, especially in terms of cycle life. At present, the conventional energy storage products on the market basically have a cycle life of 1500-3000 times. The company’s final products are positioned in the field of light storage, for this area of product customers are based on long-term investment, that is, the product life of solar photovoltaic panels to 20 years. Our self-developed deep circulation system through the selection of more consistent cells, better charging and discharging strategy [has been supplemented technical outline] and other means to achieve 6000 cycle life, basically can meet the customer’s 15-20 years of use, greatly reducing the customer’s use cost.


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