Solar Contianer
Solar Container Size Ranges
Minimum Maxiumum
Container-Mounted Solar (PV) 4 kW 25.2 kW
Battery Storage (LiFePO4) 7.4 kWh 148 kWh
Inverter 6.8 kW 27.2 kW
Voltage 120/240 V 120/208 V
Phase Type Single-phase Three-phase
Generator (Optional) 8.5 kW 50 kW
Solar Container Standard Features
Permit Ready Fully compliant and up to code for easy permitting
Safe Fire suppression with either chemical or water agent; electrical fault and overcurrent protection
Battery Backup Battery backup system provides power when PV is not being generated and to enable peakshaving
Intelligent Bi-Directional Inverters Top-of-the-line intelligent inverters increase efficiency, extend battery life, and provide remote monitoring access
Shipping Container Enclosure Rugged, safe, and secure containers withstand the harshest weather conditions
Easy Racking System Solar array can be installed, uninstalled, and moved quickly
Remote Monitoring Online monitoring software allows for troubleshooting,report generation, maintenance notifications, and diagnostic services
Warranty Equipment manufacturer warranty for all components as well as AOKEE workmanship
Solar Container Optional Features
Diesel or Propane Generator Fully integrated to deliver 100% reliability during daily and seasonal fluctuations in solar production
Vents and Climate Control Support system longevity and efficiency by maintaining a stable temperature for batteries and
Auxiliary Ground-Mount or Rooftop Array Supplies additional PV generation to reduce the need for a backup generator
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