MiniBox Standard Specifications
Minimum Maxiumum
Solar Array (PV) 3.8 kW 3.8 kW
Batteries (LiFePO4) 7.6 kWh 30.4 kWh
Total Inverter Capacity 6 kW 18 kW
Output Voltage 120/240 V 120/208 V
Phase Type Single Three
Standard MiniBox Features
Plug and Play Pre-wired inverter and batteries allow for less than a day of setup time
Permit Ready Fully compliant and up to code for easy permitting
Safe Electrical fault and overcurrent protection
Battery Backup Battery backup system provides power when PV is not being generated and to enable peakshaving
Intelligent Bi-Directional Inverters Best-in-class intelligent inverters increase efficiency, extend battery life, and provide global monitoring access
Rugged Powder-Coated Container Compact, powder-coated steel enclosure provides a strong,weatherproof environment for inverters and batteries
Easy Racking System Allows solar array to be installed, uninstalled, and moved in under two hours
Remote Monitoring Diagnose issues and observe system functioning at all times
10-Year Warranty Equipment manufacturer warranty for all components as well as AOKEE workmanship
Optional MiniBox Features
Diesel or Propane Generator Provides added reliability with automated start, fault protection, and cycle charging functionality
Trailer Add-On Mountable on a towable trailer, providing simple transit for temporary power solutions
Auxiliary Ground-Mounted Array Supplies additional PV generation to reduce the need for a backup generator
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