Aokeepower New Energy’s European debut returns

The European Power Exhibition Enlit Europe came to an end, Aokeepower New Energy with 2023 newly designed home energy storage series, successfully debuted in Europa!

Paris is already in winter, but the new energy exhibition is very hot!

Aokeepower 2023 home energy storage product line, debut in Europe!

For European users, home energy storage is really just needed! The price of electricity is high, the new energy policy is strong, and the domestic energy storage market is still huge!

Large industrial and commercial storage projects consulting customers, professional and sharp questions, fortunately, Aokeepower new energy deep energy storage for nearly 10 years, you want, we have a plan!

A customized client can talk for half an hour, or even an hour or two. Okay, if you have a need or a pain point, Aokeepower will do everything he can to give you a plan!

There are many overseas Chinese practitioners in the energy industry, and the communication is simple and fast. I hope more Chinese will join the cooperation team of Aokeepower!

The trip to Paris is full of harvest, and the European market layout is in progress. If you are also interested in energy storage, have channels and resources, no matter where you are in the world, you are welcome to communicate with us, explore the energy storage market, and move forward hand in hand!

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